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Our Strategic Brands

Spectra Heat Shrink Tubing Logo

Spectra Polymer Processes

The "Spectra" brand is our high-temperature extrusion and expansion tubing equipment. We started with an experienced manufacturer of equipment for Dual-Wall PTFE/FEP Heat Shrink and have expanded their capability to include FEP Heat Shrink and are now finishing design and development of a line capable of producing thin-wall Heat Shrink. We are the exclusive exporter of this equipment.

  • Fluoropolymer Extruder (FEP, PFA, etc)

  • FEP Tube Stretching Line

  • FEP Tube Expansion Line

  • PTFE Extruder (Coming in 2024)

  • PTFE Tube Expansion Line

  • High-Speed Tube Cutting and Etching Line

  • ePTFE (In-Line and Offline)

CathFab Concepts

Catheter fabrication equipment is dominated by one company who has combined many well known brands. Other manufacturers primarily provide inferior alternatives. We have determined the best Asian manufacturers of this equipment and are working with their engineers to revise designs as necessary to make performance and reliability equivalent to, or better than, the renowned manufacturers. Our goal is to standardize controls and components to ensure ease of operation and maintenance by our customers while also ensuring short lead times and affordability.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Braiders

  • High Speed Bobbin Winders

  • Core Removal Machines

  • High-Speed Precision Cutting Machines (Coming Soon)

  • Vertical Reflow Machines (Coming Soon)

  • Balloon Forming Machines (Coming Soon)

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