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Why We Exist
Team of young Asian entrepreneur have small team meeting

We are a group of colleagues at a USA headquartered medical device manufacturing business in Southern China. When COVID-19 shut down the world, our facility and others were physically cut off from our parent company. We watched as companies around us shut down due to lack of orders. We observed foreign companies reshoring operations only to struggle with new challenges such as labor shortages, material delays, and increasing costs.

Who we are ...

Asian technology that we rely on daily

What motivates us ...

Our team has for years used the perceived inferiority of Asian products as motivation to develop our systems and controls to produce products which exceed the quality of our western competitors. Most people worldwide already benefit from high quality, advanced products made in Asia whether they be small and portable such as mobile phones and computers or large such as automobiles and rail/air transport parts. We want people to understand that the quality of these devices should be the rule, not the exception.

Strong supply chain

How we help you ...

Metier SCM is our solution to the curtain placed across the supply chain in recent years. Our individual experiences have been combined to give you the following benefit:

  • Quality, speed, and prices you have come to expect from offshoring

  • Stable and reliable supply that you, your customers, and your shareholders demand

  • Communication like you would get if we were sitting in the cube/office next door

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