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Some of Our Services

We are a full-service supply chain management company and provide any or all services required to meet the requirements of our customers. We specialize in high-risk industries such as medical, automotive, and aerospace but these services really apply to any product sourced from China.

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Metasourcing Strategy for
Offshoring, Onshoring, Nearshoring, and Reshoring

Our experts will work with you to prepare a holistic sourcing strategy that blends the strengths of offshoring, onshoring, nearshoring, and reshoring. We recognize the many recent motivation to nearshore and reshore but we want to help you make this part of your greater strategy so that you can leverage the benefits of each. We empower you to navigate complex supply chains, mitigate risks, optimize costs, and turn global disruptions into opportunities for growth and resilience,

Strategic branding

Strategic Branding of Materials and Equipment

We have identified many situations where there are sources which are not prepared for meeting requirements for western customers or where there is a fragmented supply base with many niche manufacturers with narrow product offering. In these cases we assess whether we are should own exclusive rights to the supply to be able to offer complete, simplified, and standardized offerings to our customers. Visit our brands page for more detail.

Quality Inspection Lab

Vendor Selection and Management

Our China team is experienced in managing vendors for medical and other high-risk markets. Recent global events hindering physical access to vendors from overseas customers has weakened the supply chain. We create the transparency needed to select or replace vendors, monitor their financial stability, and ensure that product is being delivered which is per negotiated terms and approved specifications.

Addressing the challenge of variable pricing

Manage AVL, Variable Pricing, and Lead Times

We understand the benefits and risks of single-source. Our customers have the benefit of working with one core team in China for all sourcing needs but with the transparency and security of multi- or cross-sourced systems working efficiently in the background. Our team regularly monitors volume and commodities based pricing as well as inflationary trends to minimize customer costs. We also proactively communicate and potential supply chain risks to the customer.

Supplier audit in process

Informal and Formal Vendor Quality Audits

Our team will combine our standard approval procedures with yours to qualify a current or potential vendor. We then arrange independent auditors certified in ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949, and AS9100, as required, to audit the vendor. We will also conduct unscheduled audits both as random and event triggered inspections.

Worldwide shipping logistics

Door-to-Door Shipping Logistics

Our customers place purchase orders directly to us and we take care of issuing orders to the approved vendors which will provide the best quality, delivery, and price. You will enjoy timely and efficient communication of order confirmation, order status, and shipping logistics from our customer service team. When your product is ready for shipping, we will coordinate all freight logistics, share customs clearance and tracking information, and provide product certificates of compliance.

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